Is this the same building as The Pipeline Smokehouse & Bar?
Yes it is!  The restaurant and bar is located in our lower level.  That space is only open Wednesday through Friday at 4pm.  You and your guests will have private access to the entire property the day of your event.

Do you have different pricing for events not held on Saturdays?
We sure do!  Call us for more information or check out the pricing section in our Rental Contract on the Pricing Page.

Do you have Bridal and Groom Suites to get ready?
At this time we do not have a designated area for bridal parties to get ready.  However, in the past, other parties have chosen to use our downstairs area to get ready.  That option is always allowed for you.

How do you accommodate parties year round if you are a barn venue?
We have HEAT and A/C!!  We also have indoor plumbing with modern bathrooms (No port-o-john rentals!!)

What happens if we do not have 75 people attending our event?
You are allowed any number of guests that fit our capacity.  However, we do require a minimum purchase of 75 guests for Catering & Bar.  That is non-negotiable.

What if some of our guests (21+) do not drink alcohol?
We apologize, but there is no way for us to differentiate between who is allowed to drink and who is not.  All guests age 21+ must be paid for in the Bar Service Package chosen.